This is a website about families. We are the (cousins) surnames Boydstun, Brown and Franks, and our most immediate common ancestors were John Chester Boydstun (b. 1882) and Betty Alice Hawk (b. 1883) who gave life to Golda Mae (b. 1914), Johnie Fay (b. 1916), Doris Danley (b. 1918), and John Chester (Jr.) (b.1928).

Golda Mae caught the eye of Antonio Hallie Brown (b. 1907) and they married in 1931. In the years that followed, they had seven children; Betty Jean, Glenn Harold, Franklin Doyle, Charles Edward, Gerald Lee, Robert Earl, and Virginia Mae. All are living except Gerald who died in 2007.

Johnie Fay met and married Floyd Forrest Franks (b. 1916) in 1934, and had two children; Bobby Joe and Eddith Ann.

Doris Danley (Sonny) (b. 1918) met and married Lillian Corene Manning (b.1917) in 1938 and had three children; Billy Joe Danley, Doris June, and Donald Keith. Doris died at an early age in 1946.

John Chester, Jr., met and married Prudencia Tomasita Durand (b. 1930) in 1949 and had three children, Mary Helen, Yolanda Louise, and Thomas Chester.

We know a lot about some of our ancestry because of the hard work done by our cousin, Eddith Ann (Annie) Franks Nollsch, She has, over the last several years, developed a vast database of our families histories that includes over 92,000 people with 9,785 surnames that spanned 21 generations and were engaged in over 31,000 marriages.

Our hope is to improve the interpersonal relationships among this group of cousins, their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Reunions held in past years have helped to facilitate those relationships and we hope to have many more in the future. But now is the time to take advantage of the internet to share information about our families histories, talk about current events, plan for events such as reunions, and share pictures of ourselves and our children. We have set up several links to take you to your individual interests and we hope you will browse the other links when you have the time. The site may look bare-bones in the beginning, but rest assured we are working hard to expand into those areas you are likely to enjoy most. While we are at work doing this, please give us your suggestions and preferences so we may incorporate them where they will benefit everyone.

Please register by providing the information requested to enjoy the full benefit of the website including scheduled events and family photos, and come back often to browse the information posted by others.